Top Ways You Can Get Lice

Lice are a very common problem for school children, and it can end up being a big problem in your household as well. Lice are nothing more than a parasitic insect that sucks your blood. Lice can appear on various parts of the body including your head. A lot of parents and people in general, do not know how lice are contracted.

Here are the top five ways you or your child can get lice, and some of the ways you can get lice might surprise you.

Head-to-Head Contact

The most common way that you can get lice is by head-to-head contact with someone who has a lice infestation. Head-to-head contact often times happens at school when children are hugging or playing with one another. It can be spread by incidental head-to-head contact as well. Incidental contact could be things such as butting heads with someone during a sporting event.

Sharing Clothing

You can also get lice by sharing clothing items with an infected person who has lice. Clothing items that could transmit lice include scarves, beanies, and hats. Lice can even be spread through uniforms and gear used in sports. Clothing items are another common way both children and adults get lice due to the sharing of these items in a large group. Large group situations include schools, gyms, and recreational centers.

Sharing Items

Sharing items can be an innocent way that lice can spread from one person to another. Items that could spread lice include combs, brushes, and stuffed animals. Lice can even be transmitted from one person to another through the sharing of hair bands, hair clips, or barrettes. Sharing items such as hairbrushes and barrettes are often times how young girls get lice. This is because little girls like to share these items with friends and other members of the family.


If you are lying down on carpeting of someone who has lice, then it can be transferred to your head. Carpeting is a lesser-known way that lice can be transmitted due to people not thinking about lice staying in carpeting. The lice can even be knocked into the carpet from a person. It is always a good idea not to be lying down on carpet of someone you do not know well. If you have lice then you should clean your carpets regularly to keep lice out.

Lying on Infected Bedding

Bedding is one of the top places that lice hide at, and it is often times the source of a lice transmission. Cleaning bedding, including pillows, pillowcases, and sheets, are required if someone in your house has lice and was properly treated. If you do not clean the bedding after a lice infestation it will stay in the bedding. This is also how children get lice because they sleep on the bedding of a friend during a sleepover. Even if the friend is just hanging out in the room and on the bedding where someone with lice was at, the lice can easily be transmitted.


These are just some of the biggest and most common ways that you can get head lice. If lice get bad enough, you might have to hire a local head lice removal service to help you get rid of the lice. Remember, you can get head lice at any age regardless of whether or not you have children if you are not careful about hugs and using other people’s items. Lice also can be on your eyebrows and body, so make sure that you check everywhere and not just your head. Lice are actually not a sign of your hygiene habits and it does not mean you are dirty. The quicker you can get the lice under control and get rid of them, the better it will be in terms of possible transmission to others.

Why Marriage Is Harder Than Ever In the 21st Century

Marriage in today’s society is much harder than it was just a few decades ago, with more marriages failing than ever before. Everyone seems to have an opinion why a marriage does not last, from individuals getting married too young to the economy, etc. For me, I feel that marriage is harder than it was before because of morals and commitment. Individuals are not committing themselves as they used to years ago. It is so easy to divorce someone, that individuals take that route instead of working on their marriage.

Today’s marriages suffer from selfishness. Instead of caring more for the other person, everyone is worried about themselves. Children are being taught they can get whatever they want by their parents, with gifts, money, etc, so when these children grow up to marry, they feel their spouse should put them on a pedestal. This is not reality. The selfishness takes over and the marriages fail. Both individuals in the marriage have to be able to compromise in some way and learn how to give to each other for the marriage to be successful.

Individuals today also have no idea how to communicate with each other. Everyone feels like their opinion is right and no one seems to be willing to consider the other person’s feelings. If your spouse is upset about something, you have to be willing to listen, no matter how you feel about the situation. Everyone feels differently, so something that does not bother you, can still bother the other person. In many of today’s marriages, the spouse holds in what they are feeling because they feel their significant other will not listen to what they have to say. We should all be able to speak to our spouse freely and get feedback on what we say. Be willing to communicate readily and walk away if you become frustrated, only to come back later and discuss the issue at hand.

Social Media
Social media outlets such as Facebook can be detrimental to a marriage. With social media, it is so easy to begin relationships with others that can lead to cheating or disrupting the marriage. If you have a social media account, consider your spouse. Be friends with those you all know as well as family members. Do not strike up conversations with individuals you do not know and if you feel a conversation is becoming too personal, then back off.

What We Are Expecting From The Next US President?

With the presidential elections coming up this year, the United States is abuzz as to who will earn the coveted position to run the country. President Obama will be stepping down and someone else will be taking the reins. As a young female in the US, there is much that I hope to see take shape with the new president’s inauguration. I feel that everyone has similar subjects on their mind that they wish to see changes made, though everyone has different opinions on these topics.

Health Care
President Obama tried to handle the health care situation in the US by creating the Affordable Health Care Act. While many are able to have access to affordable health care, others are not. The system is flawed and has been flawed for some time. There are countries that offer a low cost or even free health care, which many would like to see happen in the United States. Healthcare will always be a top subject of debate as there are those who want to see a universal system while others are in support of big insurance companies who charge a fortune just for coverage.

Women’s Rights
Another hot topic of debate is women’s rights in regards to body choices. Planned Parenthood has been a subject that everyone has on their mind, bringing up such topics as abortion and birth control. Women want the right to choose what to do with their bodies, with the government trying to say what they should have control over in a sense. I feel that Americans expect the next president to take a stand either way on the issue of women’s health care in the US.

Job loss is a major problem in the United States as big corporations are moving their workforce outside the country. Labor is cheaper in other lands, so corporations are having products created outside the US to be able to make more money. This means less jobs for Americans. Big companies such as Target, Walmart and Kmart are actually closing down stores inside the United States. This will mean the loss of many jobs with slim pickings for those who face unemployment.

The next president needs to find a way to keep corporations in American and create new jobs for those in need of work. We expect something to be done to help the unemployed get back on their feet once more.

The cost of education is astronomical in the United States. Many individuals would like to see a system put in place to help with the cost of college tuition. Many students immediately go into debt after graduation because they spent so much money on college but cannot find a job after graduation. It is important for America to provide quality education for citizens and make it affordable so that once a student graduates, they can pay back student loans.

The hope overall, is that the next president will be willing to find ways to better America. All we want is a brighter tomorrow.

Trying Any Way Possible To Make Money

Marrying young has its upsides and downsides. The upsides are having the energy and time to do what you want, enjoying each other’s company for many years to come. The downsides can be that you probably did not think about the ‘adult’ stuff such as finances. I can speak from experience that a young marriage usually results in money issues. Most young people only think about how in love they are rather than how they are going to pay the bills. You may find yourself trying anyway possible to make money for your newly formed family. Below are a few ways you can begin a career path, making money, but also setting yourself up for success as a young bride or groom.

Use Your Skills
Consider what skills you possess. Are you good at woodworking or styling hair? I was able to use my skills at styling hair to make money for my family and then took my skills and honed them in a beauty school program. I was able to learn as much as I could so that I could work full time as a stylist, helping others look beautiful. I can work my own hours and love what I do. The easiest way to start a career is to find what you are good at and putting your skills to good use!

Offer Your Services
Consider offering your services to friends and family to get started. You could babysit, clean houses, offer to walk dogs, do whatever you can to make money. By starting off small, you can get ideas as to how you can further earn money for your family. Small ideas can easily turn into big business. Your dog walking odd job may turn into a full grooming service, making you a big success in your home town!

Don’t Wait For Your Dream Job
While every person would love for their ‘dream job’ to come along, it just isn’t worth the stress to your marriage. You may want that perfect job in the fashion industry or a manager position at your local retailer, but right now, you need to provide for your family. Consider any option you can in the beginning to be able to make money quickly, but keep your eye on a higher level position. Work hard now so that you can have the experience and additional skills needed to land the ‘dream job’ and provide fully for your family.

Top Struggles For Trade Type Jobs

Trade type jobs used to be the main source of income for Americans. However, as technology evolved and changed, these jobs seem to be falling to the wayside. Yet, there is still a need for such trades as hair stylist, boiler makers, construction workers, electricians and the like. While these trade jobs can be fulfilling, it can be hard to find employment as well as make enough money to support your family. As a hair stylist, I know all too well the struggle of such trade careers.

Full Time Employment
It can be hard to find full time employment when you are working a trade position. With cutting hair, I have to find a salon that offers a booth for me to use. I then have to pay for the booth rental, my hair color, tools and materials. I then do all the work and the salon gets a cut. It would be more beneficial for me to open my own salon but I do not have the means to do that just yet. So, I have to work as hard as I can to get clients and hope that I can make enough to support my family.

The same can be said for other trade type jobs. Many construction or boiler maker positions require individuals to travel to different states just to have work. This means time away from family and friends, and additional costs for work including travel expenses.

If you work independently, such as myself, you have to take care of your own taxes. Taxes are not removed from your paycheck, so you have to file and pay at the end of the year. This can be a real hassle and something that can cost a pretty penny. It is important to keep track of every penny spent so that you can have deductions at the end of the year to help you pay less. A good accountant will help you to better determine just what you can deduct for your personal taxes.

Long Hours
When you work a trade, you will be subject to long hours. Most trade jobs are not a 9 to 5 standard position. You might work until late in the evening or even have a night shift. This can make it difficult to get everyday tasks done such as cleaning the house or paying bills. Working the nightshift can be tiresome and have you confused as to the time of day. This is a major drawback to working a trade job, with many individuals often trying to switch to a different shift to not have to work during the night time hours.

Hard Work
A trade job is not a standard office job where you get to sit around all day. With a trade position, you will be working. The day will be long and you will be tired and most likely dirty by the end of it. After cutting hair all day, I am exhausted. My feet hurt from standing and my hands are cramped from holding scissors at odd angles. But, I love what I do. I feel good at the end of the day because I made people look and feel beautiful. The hard work pays off as I make money for my family and I am satisfied with what I do.

Trade jobs are hard and there are many struggles that come along with such employment. But you also learn to work hard and meet interesting people. A strong work ethic is gained and you always have a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the job, with a job well done.

The Financial Struggle Of Young Adults Couples in 2016

The New Year is upon us and as one half of a young couple, I can already see the struggles ahead. For young people who choose to marry early, it can be difficult to begin a family based on certain financial struggles. Young couples soon find out that while marriage is a blessing and they love their significant other, being able to survive on your own financially, without anyone else’s help, is difficult.

Starting Out
When a young couple gets married, they will soon find that financial struggles abound, if not thought out carefully. Most young people have no form of credit. Without credit, individuals cannot rent an apartment, buy a car, buy a home, take out a loan, etc. It is essential that once you are of age to have a credit card or can take out a small loan, that you do so. Be smart about the credit card or loan, to be able to build credit. This way, when you are married, you will be able to build a strong financial future for your family.

Save, Save, Save
Even though you will be starting your family at a young age, you should still take time to save. Use your current job, or get a job, to be able to create a small savings to help you get started. You will need money to rent an apartment, rent a home, pay bills, etc. When you save before you begin your life together, you will have something to fall back on if you become overwhelmed financially.

Cost of Living
Most young people do not know the actual cost of living because they have relied on their parents to pay the bills. When you move out on your own, you will have a cost to rent an apartment or home, light bill, cable bill, mobile phone bill, car payment, insurance, etc. The list can go on and on. Then, you have to add in the cost of food as well as any entertainment or additional bills you may have.

It is important to write down all of you and your partner’s bills. Then, write down how much you both will be bringing in based on income. Be sure that you have money left over after covering all of your expenses. You may find that you have to cut a bill or two to be able to afford your new life out on your own.

Responsibility, Not Fun
Many young people find themselves in financial hot water after moving out on their own. They find the freedom exhilarating and soon rack up credit card bills going shopping or going out on the town. It is not until the first bill arrives that the young person realizes what they have done. Be smart with your money. Go out when you can and pay cash. Leave the credit cards at home so you will not be tempted to spend money that you do not have. There are plenty of fun things to do for free and you need to save your money to be responsible and pay the bills you have now that you are out on your own.

As a young hairdresser, it is hard to cover the bills sometimes. You have to learn, as I have, to stretch your money. You may not always be able to go out or have new clothes. This is part of growing up and a teaching moment, to learn just how you can save money and learn how the real world works. Be smart and you will be successful as you strike out on your own.

What I Like To Do For Fun

For some, fun may mean going out-of-town for hiking, kayaking or surfing.  For others, fun means staying at home on weekends for movie marathons. For most adults, fun usually means a wild drinking spree at the bar. And the gauge for how much you had fun is how much you vomit after having drunk too much for your own good.  ‘To each, his own,’ I guess.

Personally, here’s what I like to do for fun.

On a daily basis, I find it fun to:

  • Read a book. I enjoy reading very much. Books carry me to a whole different world. Finishing one or two chapters of an interesting story before bedtime never fails to set me in a sleepy mood. My personal suggestion is that you read from a hard copy and not from your tablet or laptop. Save these gizmos for some other time in the day. At night, their glare can hurt and even damage your eyes and keep you awake way past your bedtime.
  • Listen to music. While enjoying a few pages before bedtime, I also set soft, relaxing music in the background. With this combo, I am able to sleep early and wake up early the next morning. And when you’re an early bird, mornings can be more meaningful. There’s so much you can actually accomplish in the early hours of the day. Finishing chores early means having more time for fun and leisure for the rest of the day.
  • Color. Yup! These coloring books for adults are actually fun, and they can be really addictive. Plus, they bring back childhood memories and relieve my stress somehow. It may not sound like much but it’s definitely worth a try.
  • Experiment with my hair, or the hair of a willing friend. I love doing hair. It’s simply my passion and hobby. You won’t believe how many ways you can do your hair. Check out All Things Hair and you’ll know what I mean.
  • Garden. It’s always fun to spend time in the garden with family, friends and pets. Apart from my daily watering task, I also enjoy breakfast in the garden when the weather allows it. It’s also my favorite spot for an open-air reading experience.


On weekends, I enjoy:

  • Watching a good movie. My movie choice depends on my mood. A fun, thrilling and action-packed movie is something to enjoy with family. When feeling emotional, a sad movie is my usual outlet for ‘letting it all go.’
  • Trying something new. This basically means stepping out of my comfort zone. I enjoy the challenge. It’s more fun trying new sports, new cuisines, and tougher DIY projects.
  • Being a woman. Baking and nail art keep me busy during stay-at-home weekends. When I really feel the need for it, I enjoy my weekend relaxing and unwinding at my favorite salon and spa.

Having fun doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘obvious.’ You can have fun in your own silent way. There’s no need to broadcast or prove to other people that you’re having fun. In fact, it might help to take a break from social media every once in awhile. Too much selfies and picture-taking can really take out all the real fun.

Simply enjoy the view. And enjoy those precious moments you spend with the special people in your life. It’s more fun to actually enjoy each other’s company and not think about striking the best pose for your social media “friends” to like. Relish moments with your real friends. Actually live a real life, instead of some made-up life you project online. Life will be more fun and more meaningful if you keep things real.

Top Ways I’m Trying to Make Side Money

Big money is like one big, evasive and slippery fish. Catching it can be tricky. And once you do catch it, it simply slips right through your fingers and back to the vast ocean of the unknown. Now to make the best out of a bad bargain, the most practical thing to do is to stick to the small fry, which are easier to catch and handle. Although seemingly insignificant, these small catches gradually add up. You’d be surprised at how big it turns out to be over time.

So here are top ways I’m trying to make side money, the small fry that I find most productive and satisfying in the long run.

Sell your skills and talents.

Set time for making profitable use of your hidden talents. Your day job is one thing. Your skills and talents are a totally different thing.

Let’s face it. It’s quite rare for someone to actually love his or her day job. In fact, most of us would happily quit our jobs in a blink of an eye, if and when given the chance to. Unfortunately for us, that kind of life opportunity is another rarity. Or is it, really?

Perhaps you haven’t noticed but, in reality, we’ve been unknowingly turning down such opportunities. We aren’t able to instantly recognize and realize these tiny windows of opportunity that life generously presents to us. Somehow or other, we have become blind to such seemingly small yet highly beneficial insights. We hopelessly wait to catch the biggest fish, ignoring and letting go of each and every small fry that goes by. In other words, most of us go on daydreaming about a huge break in life, while continuing to ignore the small and practical ones that present themselves on a regular basis.

Online Jobs. If you have skills in writing, editing, accounting, data entry, graphic design, tutoring or whatever it may be, there are countless online jobs waiting for you. Being an online freelancer is a great sideline. You have better control of your working hour schedule, unlike your day job that requires you to be physically present at specific hours of the day. You don’t have to worry about how you look or being late due to traffic. You can even work in your pajamas. Just make sure to secure a quick and reliable internet connection and of course a PayPal account.

Blogging is another online hobby you can monetize. Aside from the love of writing and sharing experiences with your following, you can earn side money by passive methods like affiliate marketing, consulting or selling online products.

Selling on Amazon is another thing you might find really productive. Buying wholesale and reselling at retail doesn’t require a warehouse, excruciating inventory or employees. Online selling has never been so easy.

Offline Jobs. If you’re not an internet person, then you can try cooking, baking, doing hair and makeup, housekeeping, babysitting or whatever your forte may be. Doing side jobs you love in your spare time, instead of being idle and doing nothing, will make you a more productive person.

This is quite a revelation, isn’t it? Here’s the reality of it all: the chance to chase our dreams is right in front of our very eyes. Appreciation is the key. All we need to do is develop the vision to actually see it. So when it does come knocking at our door, we should grab it! And hold on to it as if we’re holding on for dear life. Based on my personal experience, this really works. I dream big, but I always make it a point to keep my two feet firmly grounded. And so should you. Just drop this ‘one-time, big-time’ philosophy and keep things real.

Top Fashion Trends I’m Following for 2016

A new season for fashion has begun. This year begins with a new set of looks for women’s fashion. The old trends are out and new trends are taking shape and becoming widespread.  It’s best to be updated with what’s in for a well-kept wardrobe.

Upcoming Six Hairstyles for 2016
The hair is the crowning glory of every woman. A simple up-do will make a woman look striking. Depending on the length you want to keep, there are several forthcoming trends for hairstyle this year.


  • Tousled waves. If you are sporting long hair, the tousled wave makes a great accent for any occasion. It is low maintenance. You can wrap your hair strands around the curling iron to get those natural waves.


  • The side part. The side part is perfect for casual days. Comb your long hair to create a deep side part and pleat your hair behind your ears. Then use a flat iron to bump the ends to provide it with a slight volume.


  • The braids. There are different kinds of braids to fit your face shape there is the French braid, fishtail braid, milkmaid braid, and the simple braid. It makes for a unique, sophisticated and appealing style.


  • The smooth center part.  It is a simple to-do hairstyle and makes you look neat. You can simply run a flat-iron through your hair a few times and then gather your hair behind your ears.  Pin your hair with bobby pins in front to make it look sleek.


  • The over-the-shoulder retro style. This look makes you appear classical and demure. You can simply toss your hair over your shoulder and give it a curl with a curler. The layers will produce beautiful spirals.


  • The pixie cut. Sporting a pixie cut focuses the attention on your face. It is easy to maintain and makes you look glamorous.

Upcoming Six Fashion Trends for 2016
The fashion trends of the old years are gone and here are some of the fashion trends I’m following this year.


  • Off-shoulder neckline. The off-shoulder neckline shows your lovely collarbones. They are fashionable from the runway to the streets.  You can choose cheerful colors or daring prints to glam up your look and pair it with a large necklace or bangles.


  • One-colored sets. You can get a sophisticated look by wearing a one color outfit. Jump into the glitz and glam with your blazers and jumpsuit or pair your top with a culotte or caplet.


  • Oversize stripes. An oversize striped skirt with an extreme color or silhouette is the new way to pull-up this traditional style. You can pair it with a tank top and ankle boots and matching denim jacket for a fresh take on this style.


  • Slip dress.  This clingy and slinky line makes it easy to wear. You can match it with an oversized sweater or a leather jacket and a good set of heels.


  • The Pencil midi-skirt.  This skirt is making a trend these days. Look for one with a unique feature like buttons, a leather texture or zippers in front. You can match it with a sleeveless crop and a pony tail.


  • The trench vest. The sleeveless trench coat is wildly out in the market. It makes for a good outfit for business meetings or out for lunch. You can pair it with oversized glasses, a tunic or a simple white top.

Things I Want To Approve On For My Husband

When you enter marriage life, going out at night will never be like once you were in college or high school. You probably consider asking your husband’s approval first before leaving the house. Especially when you are to ask for his approval over more significant things. As my partner, he deserves to know my actions and decisions, and in turn, I would like to know of what his thoughts are whether he allows it or not. Marriage means oneness of two individuals who love each other, so whatever action one commits it will also affect the other.

There’s no problem if you are to ask approval from your husband, unless he doesn’t care. But if you have a caring and loving hubby, I’m sure he’s willing to listen to whatever you may ask. Learn his concerns first, then try to figure out things together.

When I got married, it means I no longer by myself. I already have a husband who is my extended self, my other half, my partner. So when it comes to making a decision about things that involves your relationship, make the situation known to him and ask for his suggestion or approval. What are the things that I always let my husband know before making any move?

One thing that always makes a big issue to any relationship is money. Any income that both parties make is a joint possession. So both parties must be aware how the money is spent, what your priorities are when you want to make investments, and how are you going to save for future use.

Children’s needs
Both the mother and the father have a say to how they want to raise their children, what to give to them, where to enroll them, how to dress them up, and how to mold their character. If I have things in mind, which I thought would be best for my kids, I always have to ask for my husband’s approval and visions first.

Work and career
There will always come a time when you have to decide whether to accept that promotion or leave your job for another great opportunity. Although it is your career that is at stake here, asking for suggestions from your husband would widen your perspective you would be able to decide more clearly and wisely. (I’ll just hope that all of us have a very supportive husband)

Business is an overwhelming task, and your husband may or may not like it. It could eat your time for your kids, especially when you are going to pursue your business while your children are still young, which is the most crucial stage of their development. So before working on your business idea, let your husband know about it first and humbly ask for his suggestion.