Young, married, and happy! Yes my life is not perfect, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little optimistic! My name is Kayla, I’m a broke and married hairstylist. My husband and I are currently learning how to “adult” and I don’t think we will ever truly learn how to grow up, but I’m okay with that.We are learning first hand how hard it is to make things happen for ourselves here in America. Yeah we are all spoiled with opportunities, but it isn’t always that easy. We are currently in the transition of learning how to make our dreams come true.


Just like the rest of America, we don’t want day jobs! We want to pursue our passion independently from any boss or control. I currently work at a salon, it’s not the worst job but there are some economics to it that get to me. Like I have to rent a space out at the salon I currently work at, it’s good for many reason. How cool would it be though if I could just cutout the middle man! My husband is currently trying to do photography and roast his own coffee beans. You would be surprised how good the money can get with dealing in coffee.. though we aren’t making that money haha.


We’re just this odd ball couple trying to find their way in this world.