How to Find Your Own Style

You have to admit, looking for a suitable style that fits you can be hard. Everyone of has had the experience of experimenting with a look which often times is not fit for us. Life’s milestones can oftentimes have an impact on our fashion sense. Whether you are a corporate worker, having a baby, or a student all affects how we look.

The effect we get from our personal style is far more than getting a good first impression. A good personal style is all about confidence and the capability to feel beautiful with what we are wearing. It far outweighs how we are perceived by others. Choosing the right wardrobe makes a big difference. So, how do find your own style?

Understand your body and personality.
The kind of body you have whether you are skinny model thin or voluptuously vivacious all has an influence on what you wear. The clothes you choose can either highlight or disguise your look. Choosing the right wearable spells the difference between a fashion flop and a fashion trend. Also try to describe your personality. Your personality will always reflect on your choice of wardrobe.

Put your lifestyle and objectives into consideration.
An impeccable wardrobe is not all about the image. It is more on the lifestyle you want to live. Create the persona you want to emulate and consider other personal factors such as your profession, or status in life.

Look for an inspiration.
Celebrities have always been geared towards perfection. But you do not need to imitate them. Look for something or a style that inspires you and choose whose style fits your personality. You can also make a list of what characteristics make you comfortable and are in line with your own.
Choose your wardrobes carefully when shopping.

Some fashion trends can look good on other people. And some may feel and look not right to others. So consider choosing outfits which enhance your look and something that makes you feel comfortable. Do not purchase something just because everyone wears the same thing. Make sure that it fits you good if not perfectly.

Make sure your apparel comprises of the necessary essentials for your style.
Sometimes simplicity does the trick. Make sure to invest in the basics like a printed shirt, cardigans, jackets and a good pair of jeans makes all the difference.

Being Yourself in a World of Copycats

How do you become unique in the world of copycats? Being unique is having your own individuality among any others style, perspective, goals, and attitude towards life.

In our modern world today being unique is quite a challenge. There’s so many trends that are popping out like mushrooms and people want to copy and follow all of them, making everybody look like one single person. Without individuality, you won’t really stand out from the crowd. But how do you stand out? How do you become visible and recognizable from the sea of fashion?

Be Yourself
To be unique, you have to be who you are without comparing yourself to others. You need to recognize that you are unique in your own way. Instead of following what is on trend, try something that is against the trend and just wear what you want and what makes you feel comfortable. Wear something that exudes your character.

Be Independent
You should never give in to peer pressures and follow what they want. You are old enough to think what is best for you. Make a stand for what you believe in, for your beliefs, and your principles. Fight for it or start a cause if it’s necessary.  Listen to your heart. What does it say? In this modern tech world where we are exposed and prone to being bashed and humiliated online, don’t let haters win you over and follow their cry just because they think you are odd. As long as you don’t hurt anybody fighting for what is right, you’re good.

Kill your Insecurities
Insecurities start when you compare yourself to others. And because of insecurity, you are forced to copy a person that you think is loved by people. Just to feel what they feel, and just to have that attention they are getting, you try to copy them. Don’t. It will never do you any good. Rather, you will live your life trying to be that person, when you are a unique individual yourself. It’s just a waste of time and you won’t get anything from it other than sadness, jealousy, enviousness, and anger.

Focus on your goals and what makes you happy. Being unique in a world of copycat is never difficult. It’s just finding your own self and your own voice. You just have to release that beautiful person in you that you have been keeping for years. Be brave and show the world how beautiful you really are.

How Our Finances Changed After 1 Year of Marriage

Even just after a year of marriage, a lot of changes could occur in both of your lives, especially your finances. Men and women are totally different when it comes to spending money. But regardless of this fact, when a couple gets married, they have to solve their differences together. Anything that married couples make as their income is already a conjugal property. Both sides can take full control on how to spend it and both sides can hold back or approve whatever the other party is going to invest in.

After one year of marriage, I already have a couple shots how our finances have changed, and these are the following:

Tax benefits for married couples
One thing that will really change when you get married is your tax table. After your marriage, you are no longer consider as an independent individual. And this is a good thing because married couples have lower tax rates compared to singles. And the rates get much lower when you have kids and dependents who are living in your house. Furthermore, married couples will be eligible for tax rate deductions and credits.

A lifetime partner to share bills
I remember how hard it was to make ends meet when I was still single. I had to pay for my apartment rental, utility bills, grocery bills, gas bills, and food all by myself. And if I knew that my salary could not cover my expenses for the month, I had to look for a person who would live with me in my apartment so we could share rental and utility bills. It was a daunting and tiring task that lived with me during my single years.

However, if you are married and your husband is responsible enough to support your family’s needs, financial problems get to be reduced dramatically. Because you have someone whom you can share the load with. Both of you will share and contribute in paying the bills. And you won’t have to look for a roommate anymore to ease out monthly financial constraints.


Money can either ruin or improve your marriage. Sometimes financial issues in married couples occur when both do not agree with how they will spend their money. However, this problem can be solved if both parties give way to each other’s ideas regarding investments, spending, and savings. If one’s idea fails, pick the pieces up, practice forgiveness, and retry.

The Downside to Obama Care with Young Adults

When you strike out on your own, leaving the nest so to speak, you will learn there are downsides to being an adult. You are responsible for your bills, cooking, cleaning etc. Living on your own is not all it is cracked up to be. Throw getting married into the mix and now you have two people who have to care for each other. One area in which many young people struggle with when getting out on their own is insurance. In the United States, every person is required to be insured. If you do not have insurance via your employer, you can use Obama Care.

Downsides to Obama Care
While having insurance is great, there are downsides to Obama Care. If you are a young person no longer on your parents insurance, you have to sign up for the healthcare coverage. This can be hard when you have no idea what certain terms mean or what type of insurance you will need. When signing up, have someone who understands insurance specifics assist you. This way, you can understand what you are signing up for and can get the coverage you need.

Money Out of Pocket
You will also have to factor in your health insurance cost to your monthly budget. As a hairstylist, I do not have insurance through my employer. I am considered a self-contractor, so I have to find my own insurance. I use Obama Care so this means I have a new bill that I have to pay each month to ensure that I am covered. This is a definite downside. When you have coverage via your employer, the insurance is taken from your check, so you have no bill to pay or remember to pay.

Other Options
You do have the option to stay on your parent’s coverage until you are 26, but this can actually do more harm than good. You need the experience of being responsible for yourself. It can be very difficult to be covered by your parent’s insurance for 26 years then have to suddenly strike out on your own. Start learning as soon as you can about insurance and what is needed so that you can be able to provide for yourself in regards to health related needs.

By learning about health insurance and the aspects of Obama Care, you can make the right choice for you or your family insurance needs. It will be difficult at first, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance to better understand the process.

Financial Risks We Were Unaware of When Getting Married

Parents try their hardest to give their children an idea as to what marriage is like. But with families of all shapes and sizes, marriage is going to be different for every couple. However, one aspect that stays the same is the financial issues that come about when two become one.


You and your spouse must learn how to balance your income and pay the bills. This can be difficult when you are not used to each other’s spending habits. My husband and I learned the hard way that there are financial risks that come along once you are married that can be hard on your marriage. It is important to communicate when it comes to finances and work together to ensure your family stays on the right path financially.

Your Debt Becomes My Debt
When you become married, your spouse’s debt becomes yours. Many people do not realize that when you marry someone, you will have to help carry the load that comes along with them such as student debt or credit card payments. It is important to speak with your spouse about any debt you may have so the two of you can work together to pay it off, hopefully before you get married. Many marriages begin with student debt that can be hard to pay off and put a major strain on the marriage. Being aware of the debt that each other owes decreases stress later on down the line.

No Credit
Some couples start their marriage off young, like my husband and I. Since we married at a young age, we had no credit. Honestly, it is worse to have no credit than bad credit. Before we got married, we should have taken out a credit card or small loan to try and build some type of credit. Unfortunately we did not know this, so we had to rely on family to help us with purchasing a car and renting an apartment in the early years. Thankfully, over time we were able to establish a line of credit, but not having any when you first get married can make matters difficult.

Know Each Other’s Spending Habits
Learn each other’s financial habits as quickly as you can. Usually, every marriage has a spender and a saver. When you recognize these habits, you can rely on each other to make sure your bills are paid and money is being saved rather than wasted. Learn how to give and take so that you both are happy but your finances also stay in order.