When you enter marriage life, going out at night will never be like once you were in college or high school. You probably consider asking your husband’s approval first before leaving the house. Especially when you are to ask for his approval over more significant things. As my partner, he deserves to know my actions and decisions, and in turn, I would like to know of what his thoughts are whether he allows it or not. Marriage means oneness of two individuals who love each other, so whatever action one commits it will also affect the other.

There’s no problem if you are to ask approval from your husband, unless he doesn’t care. But if you have a caring and loving hubby, I’m sure he’s willing to listen to whatever you may ask. Learn his concerns first, then try to figure out things together.

When I got married, it means I no longer by myself. I already have a husband who is my extended self, my other half, my partner. So when it comes to making a decision about things that involves your relationship, make the situation known to him and ask for his suggestion or approval. What are the things that I always let my husband know before making any move?

One thing that always makes a big issue to any relationship is money. Any income that both parties make is a joint possession. So both parties must be aware how the money is spent, what your priorities are when you want to make investments, and how are you going to save for future use.

Children’s needs
Both the mother and the father have a say to how they want to raise their children, what to give to them, where to enroll them, how to dress them up, and how to mold their character. If I have things in mind, which I thought would be best for my kids, I always have to ask for my husband’s approval and visions first.

Work and career
There will always come a time when you have to decide whether to accept that promotion or leave your job for another great opportunity. Although it is your career that is at stake here, asking for suggestions from your husband would widen your perspective you would be able to decide more clearly and wisely. (I’ll just hope that all of us have a very supportive husband)

Business is an overwhelming task, and your husband may or may not like it. It could eat your time for your kids, especially when you are going to pursue your business while your children are still young, which is the most crucial stage of their development. So before working on your business idea, let your husband know about it first and humbly ask for his suggestion.

Things I Want To Approve On For My Husband