A new season for fashion has begun. This year begins with a new set of looks for women’s fashion. The old trends are out and new trends are taking shape and becoming widespread.  It’s best to be updated with what’s in for a well-kept wardrobe.

Upcoming Six Hairstyles for 2016
The hair is the crowning glory of every woman. A simple up-do will make a woman look striking. Depending on the length you want to keep, there are several forthcoming trends for hairstyle this year.


  • Tousled waves. If you are sporting long hair, the tousled wave makes a great accent for any occasion. It is low maintenance. You can wrap your hair strands around the curling iron to get those natural waves.


  • The side part. The side part is perfect for casual days. Comb your long hair to create a deep side part and pleat your hair behind your ears. Then use a flat iron to bump the ends to provide it with a slight volume.


  • The braids. There are different kinds of braids to fit your face shape there is the French braid, fishtail braid, milkmaid braid, and the simple braid. It makes for a unique, sophisticated and appealing style.


  • The smooth center part.  It is a simple to-do hairstyle and makes you look neat. You can simply run a flat-iron through your hair a few times and then gather your hair behind your ears.  Pin your hair with bobby pins in front to make it look sleek.


  • The over-the-shoulder retro style. This look makes you appear classical and demure. You can simply toss your hair over your shoulder and give it a curl with a curler. The layers will produce beautiful spirals.


  • The pixie cut. Sporting a pixie cut focuses the attention on your face. It is easy to maintain and makes you look glamorous.

Upcoming Six Fashion Trends for 2016
The fashion trends of the old years are gone and here are some of the fashion trends I’m following this year.


  • Off-shoulder neckline. The off-shoulder neckline shows your lovely collarbones. They are fashionable from the runway to the streets.  You can choose cheerful colors or daring prints to glam up your look and pair it with a large necklace or bangles.


  • One-colored sets. You can get a sophisticated look by wearing a one color outfit. Jump into the glitz and glam with your blazers and jumpsuit or pair your top with a culotte or caplet.


  • Oversize stripes. An oversize striped skirt with an extreme color or silhouette is the new way to pull-up this traditional style. You can pair it with a tank top and ankle boots and matching denim jacket for a fresh take on this style.


  • Slip dress.  This clingy and slinky line makes it easy to wear. You can match it with an oversized sweater or a leather jacket and a good set of heels.


  • The Pencil midi-skirt.  This skirt is making a trend these days. Look for one with a unique feature like buttons, a leather texture or zippers in front. You can match it with a sleeveless crop and a pony tail.


  • The trench vest. The sleeveless trench coat is wildly out in the market. It makes for a good outfit for business meetings or out for lunch. You can pair it with oversized glasses, a tunic or a simple white top.
Top Fashion Trends I’m Following for 2016