Trade type jobs used to be the main source of income for Americans. However, as technology evolved and changed, these jobs seem to be falling to the wayside. Yet, there is still a need for such trades as hair stylist, boiler makers, construction workers, electricians and the like. While these trade jobs can be fulfilling, it can be hard to find employment as well as make enough money to support your family. As a hair stylist, I know all too well the struggle of such trade careers.

Full Time Employment
It can be hard to find full time employment when you are working a trade position. With cutting hair, I have to find a salon that offers a booth for me to use. I then have to pay for the booth rental, my hair color, tools and materials. I then do all the work and the salon gets a cut. It would be more beneficial for me to open my own salon but I do not have the means to do that just yet. So, I have to work as hard as I can to get clients and hope that I can make enough to support my family.

The same can be said for other trade type jobs. Many construction or boiler maker positions require individuals to travel to different states just to have work. This means time away from family and friends, and additional costs for work including travel expenses.

If you work independently, such as myself, you have to take care of your own taxes. Taxes are not removed from your paycheck, so you have to file and pay at the end of the year. This can be a real hassle and something that can cost a pretty penny. It is important to keep track of every penny spent so that you can have deductions at the end of the year to help you pay less. A good accountant will help you to better determine just what you can deduct for your personal taxes.

Long Hours
When you work a trade, you will be subject to long hours. Most trade jobs are not a 9 to 5 standard position. You might work until late in the evening or even have a night shift. This can make it difficult to get everyday tasks done such as cleaning the house or paying bills. Working the nightshift can be tiresome and have you confused as to the time of day. This is a major drawback to working a trade job, with many individuals often trying to switch to a different shift to not have to work during the night time hours.

Hard Work
A trade job is not a standard office job where you get to sit around all day. With a trade position, you will be working. The day will be long and you will be tired and most likely dirty by the end of it. After cutting hair all day, I am exhausted. My feet hurt from standing and my hands are cramped from holding scissors at odd angles. But, I love what I do. I feel good at the end of the day because I made people look and feel beautiful. The hard work pays off as I make money for my family and I am satisfied with what I do.

Trade jobs are hard and there are many struggles that come along with such employment. But you also learn to work hard and meet interesting people. A strong work ethic is gained and you always have a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the job, with a job well done.

Top Struggles For Trade Type Jobs