Big money is like one big, evasive and slippery fish. Catching it can be tricky. And once you do catch it, it simply slips right through your fingers and back to the vast ocean of the unknown. Now to make the best out of a bad bargain, the most practical thing to do is to stick to the small fry, which are easier to catch and handle. Although seemingly insignificant, these small catches gradually add up. You’d be surprised at how big it turns out to be over time.

So here are top ways I’m trying to make side money, the small fry that I find most productive and satisfying in the long run.

Sell your skills and talents.

Set time for making profitable use of your hidden talents. Your day job is one thing. Your skills and talents are a totally different thing.

Let’s face it. It’s quite rare for someone to actually love his or her day job. In fact, most of us would happily quit our jobs in a blink of an eye, if and when given the chance to. Unfortunately for us, that kind of life opportunity is another rarity. Or is it, really?

Perhaps you haven’t noticed but, in reality, we’ve been unknowingly turning down such opportunities. We aren’t able to instantly recognize and realize these tiny windows of opportunity that life generously presents to us. Somehow or other, we have become blind to such seemingly small yet highly beneficial insights. We hopelessly wait to catch the biggest fish, ignoring and letting go of each and every small fry that goes by. In other words, most of us go on daydreaming about a huge break in life, while continuing to ignore the small and practical ones that present themselves on a regular basis.

Online Jobs. If you have skills in writing, editing, accounting, data entry, graphic design, tutoring or whatever it may be, there are countless online jobs waiting for you. Being an online freelancer is a great sideline. You have better control of your working hour schedule, unlike your day job that requires you to be physically present at specific hours of the day. You don’t have to worry about how you look or being late due to traffic. You can even work in your pajamas. Just make sure to secure a quick and reliable internet connection and of course a PayPal account.

Blogging is another online hobby you can monetize. Aside from the love of writing and sharing experiences with your following, you can earn side money by passive methods like affiliate marketing, consulting or selling online products.

Selling on Amazon is another thing you might find really productive. Buying wholesale and reselling at retail doesn’t require a warehouse, excruciating inventory or employees. Online selling has never been so easy.

Offline Jobs. If you’re not an internet person, then you can try cooking, baking, doing hair and makeup, housekeeping, babysitting or whatever your forte may be. Doing side jobs you love in your spare time, instead of being idle and doing nothing, will make you a more productive person.

This is quite a revelation, isn’t it? Here’s the reality of it all: the chance to chase our dreams is right in front of our very eyes. Appreciation is the key. All we need to do is develop the vision to actually see it. So when it does come knocking at our door, we should grab it! And hold on to it as if we’re holding on for dear life. Based on my personal experience, this really works. I dream big, but I always make it a point to keep my two feet firmly grounded. And so should you. Just drop this ‘one-time, big-time’ philosophy and keep things real.

Top Ways I’m Trying to Make Side Money