For some, fun may mean going out-of-town for hiking, kayaking or surfing.  For others, fun means staying at home on weekends for movie marathons. For most adults, fun usually means a wild drinking spree at the bar. And the gauge for how much you had fun is how much you vomit after having drunk too much for your own good.  ‘To each, his own,’ I guess.

Personally, here’s what I like to do for fun.

On a daily basis, I find it fun to:

  • Read a book. I enjoy reading very much. Books carry me to a whole different world. Finishing one or two chapters of an interesting story before bedtime never fails to set me in a sleepy mood. My personal suggestion is that you read from a hard copy and not from your tablet or laptop. Save these gizmos for some other time in the day. At night, their glare can hurt and even damage your eyes and keep you awake way past your bedtime.
  • Listen to music. While enjoying a few pages before bedtime, I also set soft, relaxing music in the background. With this combo, I am able to sleep early and wake up early the next morning. And when you’re an early bird, mornings can be more meaningful. There’s so much you can actually accomplish in the early hours of the day. Finishing chores early means having more time for fun and leisure for the rest of the day.
  • Color. Yup! These coloring books for adults are actually fun, and they can be really addictive. Plus, they bring back childhood memories and relieve my stress somehow. It may not sound like much but it’s definitely worth a try.
  • Experiment with my hair, or the hair of a willing friend. I love doing hair. It’s simply my passion and hobby. You won’t believe how many ways you can do your hair. Check out All Things Hair and you’ll know what I mean.
  • Garden. It’s always fun to spend time in the garden with family, friends and pets. Apart from my daily watering task, I also enjoy breakfast in the garden when the weather allows it. It’s also my favorite spot for an open-air reading experience.


On weekends, I enjoy:

  • Watching a good movie. My movie choice depends on my mood. A fun, thrilling and action-packed movie is something to enjoy with family. When feeling emotional, a sad movie is my usual outlet for ‘letting it all go.’
  • Trying something new. This basically means stepping out of my comfort zone. I enjoy the challenge. It’s more fun trying new sports, new cuisines, and tougher DIY projects.
  • Being a woman. Baking and nail art keep me busy during stay-at-home weekends. When I really feel the need for it, I enjoy my weekend relaxing and unwinding at my favorite salon and spa.

Having fun doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘obvious.’ You can have fun in your own silent way. There’s no need to broadcast or prove to other people that you’re having fun. In fact, it might help to take a break from social media every once in awhile. Too much selfies and picture-taking can really take out all the real fun.

Simply enjoy the view. And enjoy those precious moments you spend with the special people in your life. It’s more fun to actually enjoy each other’s company and not think about striking the best pose for your social media “friends” to like. Relish moments with your real friends. Actually live a real life, instead of some made-up life you project online. Life will be more fun and more meaningful if you keep things real.

What I Like To Do For Fun