With the presidential elections coming up this year, the United States is abuzz as to who will earn the coveted position to run the country. President Obama will be stepping down and someone else will be taking the reins. As a young female in the US, there is much that I hope to see take shape with the new president’s inauguration. I feel that everyone has similar subjects on their mind that they wish to see changes made, though everyone has different opinions on these topics.

Health Care
President Obama tried to handle the health care situation in the US by creating the Affordable Health Care Act. While many are able to have access to affordable health care, others are not. The system is flawed and has been flawed for some time. There are countries that offer a low cost or even free health care, which many would like to see happen in the United States. Healthcare will always be a top subject of debate as there are those who want to see a universal system while others are in support of big insurance companies who charge a fortune just for coverage.

Women’s Rights
Another hot topic of debate is women’s rights in regards to body choices. Planned Parenthood has been a subject that everyone has on their mind, bringing up such topics as abortion and birth control. Women want the right to choose what to do with their bodies, with the government trying to say what they should have control over in a sense. I feel that Americans expect the next president to take a stand either way on the issue of women’s health care in the US.

Job loss is a major problem in the United States as big corporations are moving their workforce outside the country. Labor is cheaper in other lands, so corporations are having products created outside the US to be able to make more money. This means less jobs for Americans. Big companies such as Target, Walmart and Kmart are actually closing down stores inside the United States. This will mean the loss of many jobs with slim pickings for those who face unemployment.

The next president needs to find a way to keep corporations in American and create new jobs for those in need of work. We expect something to be done to help the unemployed get back on their feet once more.

The cost of education is astronomical in the United States. Many individuals would like to see a system put in place to help with the cost of college tuition. Many students immediately go into debt after graduation because they spent so much money on college but cannot find a job after graduation. It is important for America to provide quality education for citizens and make it affordable so that once a student graduates, they can pay back student loans.

The hope overall, is that the next president will be willing to find ways to better America. All we want is a brighter tomorrow.

What We Are Expecting From The Next US President?