Marriage in today’s society is much harder than it was just a few decades ago, with more marriages failing than ever before. Everyone seems to have an opinion why a marriage does not last, from individuals getting married too young to the economy, etc. For me, I feel that marriage is harder than it was before because of morals and commitment. Individuals are not committing themselves as they used to years ago. It is so easy to divorce someone, that individuals take that route instead of working on their marriage.

Today’s marriages suffer from selfishness. Instead of caring more for the other person, everyone is worried about themselves. Children are being taught they can get whatever they want by their parents, with gifts, money, etc, so when these children grow up to marry, they feel their spouse should put them on a pedestal. This is not reality. The selfishness takes over and the marriages fail. Both individuals in the marriage have to be able to compromise in some way and learn how to give to each other for the marriage to be successful.

Individuals today also have no idea how to communicate with each other. Everyone feels like their opinion is right and no one seems to be willing to consider the other person’s feelings. If your spouse is upset about something, you have to be willing to listen, no matter how you feel about the situation. Everyone feels differently, so something that does not bother you, can still bother the other person. In many of today’s marriages, the spouse holds in what they are feeling because they feel their significant other will not listen to what they have to say. We should all be able to speak to our spouse freely and get feedback on what we say. Be willing to communicate readily and walk away if you become frustrated, only to come back later and discuss the issue at hand.

Social Media
Social media outlets such as Facebook can be detrimental to a marriage. With social media, it is so easy to begin relationships with others that can lead to cheating or disrupting the marriage. If you have a social media account, consider your spouse. Be friends with those you all know as well as family members. Do not strike up conversations with individuals you do not know and if you feel a conversation is becoming too personal, then back off.

Why Marriage Is Harder Than Ever In the 21st Century